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The perfect steak is one of
the high holies of the grill

The smell of charcoal with robust pieces of meat on it, the most succulent fish and the tastiest langoustine

If you like barbecue, you surely must have eaten with us at least once in your life. Our magic ingredient? It lies in the simplicity. With us, there are no loafs of meat. Because meat should taste like meat. Big juicy steaks to die for. Rib-eye that you will never forget. Right off the grill. Served on a sturdy wooden board, with baked potato and homemade sauces. Pure mouth-watering perfection.

Our wine list is also kick-ass

This may come as a surprise – but our selection of special wines make our fantastic food taste even better. You can finish with a cheese board or with good coffee. Or perhaps both. Drink it all down with lovely music and a casual atmosphere. Welcome to your, ‘oh, go on then just one more drink’, restaurant. That’s Kick-Ass-Castell for you.

Discover our wine list

Cosy and dark in the winter, sultry and warm in the summer

Sink into the leather sofas by the fireplace: the setting for a first date or business dining with a quirky touch. Castell is a place where everyone feels at home. Where you can let go of everything. Simply enjoy. Here a dinner is never ordinary, a meeting is never far away. Our bartenders understand the art of making it cosy every night. The feeling of being among friends? That’s our hospitality at work for you.

Castell rocks. And has for 49 years.

Our building is a bit hidden on the Lijnbaansgracht, you have to know where to find it. Once upon a time, we were the best kept secret in Amsterdam, now we are high on all the international lists. Who hasn’t eaten with us? From Mick Jagger to Quentin Tarantino, from top model Erin Wasson to actor Edward Norton. And what about Willem Alexander and Maxima. Or Jan Mulder, DJ Tiesto and Armin van Buuren. Sometimes just at the bar or with the plate on their lap by a crackling fire. Does this mean that we’re now overpriced with months’ worth of advanced bookings? No, everyone is welcome at Castell.

Where are you exactly?

The place in Amsterdam for late night dining since 1971

“Love this place! the set up, the food, the wine, the service – top notch! You definitely need to book a seat though. You are seated on sofas which are set around big tables of a fire place. Your dinner will be served on a leg tray. Big juices steaks (with accompanying big knives – heads up!), nice sauces, big baked potatos – lick my fingers! The wine selection is excellent.”

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Unbelievably good food, even after midnight

Late night dining is one of the many things we are known for. We are therefore the only restaurant in Amsterdam where you can not only drop in until after midnight, but also enjoy an extensive dinner until late.

You are welcome in our restaurant and our bar from 17:00 to 01:00, on weekends even until 02:00. Our kitchen is open every day until midnight.

“I have been going to Amsterdam on business for many years and always end up having dinner at Castells. The food, as always was incredible and the service first rate. You sit in communal areas, and chat to people you never have met before and it’s part of what make this place special.”

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